Sandy with OTCH Tanbark's Hot Potato UDX4 "Spud"

Since her involvement in the sport of competitive dog obedience, she has won over 284  High in Trials and 233 High Combined Awards and has earned multiple 200 scores and over 5000 OTCH points. Along the way, she has finished 10 OTCH Trial Champions. She has also shown and placed at many obedience tournaments and has repeatedly been ranked in the yearly rating systems. She has been sharing her knowledge for over 40 years through private lessons, seminars and yearly workshops. She has also completed 3 instructional DVD's, showing her unique style and methods of training. She also has a DVD covering start to finish Go Out Training


Stonehaven Celtic Legend UD/Rough Collie

Lochleven Midnight Special UD/Rough Collie

Topbrass Smilin’ Red CDX/Golden

OTCH Comeback Mac/ Border Collie

OTCH Comeback Pistol Pete/Border Collie

OTCH What a Gyp/Border Collie

OTCH Tanbark Outlaw Josey Wales/Golden

OTCH Wynsota What The Sam Hill/Golden - Two 200’s

OTCH Tanbark Blaze n Boots/Golden - One 200

OTCH Tanbark Annie Get Your Gun UDX 2/Golden

OTCH Tanbark Hot PotatoUDX4 OM3/Golden

Ch. Aspen He’s Just n Ol Smoothie UDX/Smooth Collie

Tanbark What About Ray/Golden CD - One 200

    OTCH Wirlwynd Sudden Impact UD Border Collie UDX8 OGM "200 in Novice"

OTCH 3 C'Est La Vie Banataj Wind Border Collie UDX5 OM9 (Vinnie)

OTCH Wirlwynd Sudden Impact "Crash" UDX8 OGM

Crashed finished his CD title with 9 HIT's and his last show with a 200

   Although Sandra is an avid obedience competitor, she states that "her dogs are companions first" and she believes in enjoying her dogs in her everyday life. When a new puppy enters her household, it's there to stay regardless of temperament or training issues. They are not kept in a kennel waiting to participate in activity. They are active throughout the day, either taking walks or trotting along side while she is biking or riding her horses. She fully admits that this can make it more difficult to keep up their attitudes while training, because they would much rather be playing than working. But she also contends that by working and playing together, it creates a bond between the trainer and dog that grows much deeper than normal.


Her students are her best testimonial to her methods. Her students have gone on to win numerous High in Trial and High Combined Awards, UDX's, Multiple 200 scores, and are consistently ranked in the yearly rating system within their breed and have achieved 65 OTCH's to date. In working with her many students she has worked with and has experience with a lot of different breeds, including.......Tervs, Goldens, Border Collies, Soft Coated Wheatons, Collies, Belgian Sheepdogs, Poms, Shelties, Briards, Poodles, Cockers, Border Terriers, OES's, Beardies, Bedlingtons, Rotties, Aussies, Brittneys, Flat Coats, Labs, Giant Schnauzers, Affenpinchers, Dobes, Springers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and Malinois, and the list continues to grow.